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Meet Us


The Truth

We have always believed that through food we create community. We created Mama’s Peruvian Bowls as a vehicle to open new understandings, create new empierces and build a new community by sharing the Peruvian food culture. Buen provecho!

The Reason

Mama’s Peruvian Bowls was created out of the desire to bring comfort to others doing what my mother has always done for me in a way that shows my daughter and women everywhere that they can achieve their goals if they have the drive and determination to do so. 


By combining the cuisine, I grew up with the innate comfort that a warm bowl provides, we are able to share a bit of ourselves in a grab and go fashion that has become the new standard of today's busy lives. 


The history of Peruvian cuisine is grounded in simple ingredients combined in a manner that delights the senses in every bite. In this way we are not only providing a great meal, but also sharing many years of the Peruvian culture with our community.

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